A web registration page is designed and hyperlinked to your event website.  This service provides visitors/delegates the option to register online. Any visitor/delegate visiting your event website can click on the Register Now button and be automatically directed to the specific registration form, which in turn is uploaded into Active Capture Online. Registration details are downloaded into our dedicated software system from which demographics, social programs, payment details, accommodation, travel reports, and much more are generated to keep you up-to-date. These reports can be provided electronically.

"Active Capture Online provides a sophisticated secure online payment application which enables visitors/delegates the option to make credit card payments with the use of an e-payment gateway."

Any visitor/delegate registration received by e-mail, fax, post or phone is entered into the database by Active Capture Staff; therefore ensuring at all times that our database is accurate.  Detailed pre-registration reports outlining visitor/delegate profiles and demographics are permanently available online via a secure password protected URL designed specifically for your event.

Registrations are confirmed by internet, email, fax or post to each visitor/delegate. Appropriate tax invoices or receipts are also issued. Registration fees are banked directly into the bank account and a deposit report provided to you for reconciliation of the account. Follow ups are done on any outstanding payments prior to the event.

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