office & support

Active Capture Office and Support offers internet connectivity, fax facilities, photocopy services and office stationery at your next event.

These services are available to organisers to create an Operations Office, media personnel to create a Press Office and presenters to create a Speaker Preparation Office. Alternatively, similar services may be used to construct a Visitor/Delegate Business Centre, allowing visitors/delegates to keep in touch, even when they’re not in their offices.

Some Important Things to Remember...
"The registration process is crucial to the success of an event as it is most often the first point of contact for a potential visitor/delegate."

  • Your complete database is stored securely off-site.
  • The ownership of the data is yours.
  • Your information is held in strict confidence.
  • A staff member is retained after the event to follow-up any outstanding information/payments.   All event reports are finalised and delivered to the organiser. All visitor/delegate information can be provided on flash disk for uploading onto your own computer.
  • These reports can be presented in both statistical and chart or graph formats so that you can utilize them to their greatest capacity.
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