Active Capture’s use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) provides convenience and security, taking effective visitor/delegate management a step further. Although subtle and unobtrusive, Active Capture ID grants organisers an unprecedented level of control, with significant implications for WOWing visitors/delegates whilst ensuring optimum security. Adding a photograph of the visitor/delegate to the printed RFID name tag is also available as an option.

Active Capture ID utilises technology which can discreetly track visitor/delegate activities. Visitor/delegate details, requested breakaway sessions and access levels can be captured on an identification name badge, ensuring that each visitor/delegate can be given a personalised welcome. As the guest enters the room their details on the RFID chip is read, and their name is displayed on plasma screens personally welcoming them to the event.

This product ensures that no visitor/delegate enters a session that has not been paid for – or one for which he/she does not have access. This is important, both in terms of controlling costs and verifying visitor/delegate attendance. Organisations now have a means of establishing whether visitors/delegates did, in fact, attend events for which they are registered.

Active Capture ID can coordinate these activities by generating reports for registration, access levels, sessions and conference attendance, late registration and any other special requirements.Bar-coded name badges are programmed with all the appropriate visitor/delegate information. Events using bar-coded cards are scanned by staff using a barcode reader, once again affording the client the opportunity to generate relevant reports. 

SMS communication can be sent to a visitor/delegate’s mobile phone. Using bulk SMS ensure visitors/delegates receive pertinent event  confirmations and reminders.

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